Parks Of Chicago

Parks Of Chicago
Chicago is really a gem when it comes to variety in parks and open expanses. The beautiful areas can cater to you whether you want solitude or enjoyment with your group. Rather than jumping onto mere entertainment parks headfirst, lets peep into the Woodland Park Zoo first- A top class zoo that keeps endless forms and kinds of wildlife!It is commended for its ingenious exhibitions, where the wildlife canwanderat liberty in their “natural” habitations. Its a surely fun place for families and groups. Children enjoy the monkey-like climball the way through a play yard with fake spider webs- made of ropes, giganticsquirrelhideaways, and otter slides!The striking cats, exotic birds, jaguars and frogs in the Tropical Rain Forest make it appear as a South American wilderness. The elephants are kept in a setting which depicts a Thai village and the area reserved for them is known as The Asian Elephant Forest. The Northern Trail coilsfrom one side to the other of the extremely hilly and ruggedhabitations of russet bears, wolves, and mountain goats. In short, The Woodland Park Zoo encompasses a worldwide faunaescapade in just a few minutes from heart of Chicago.

The Golden Gardens Park is famous for its breath catching sunsets. Due to its captivating beauty it has become a famous date point as well! It is believed that in 1907 Harry Treat a real property tycoon named it The Golden Gardens Park due to the golden sunsets. It is quite well known for the huge amount of sand to bury your toes in. Dog owners would particularly be happy with the Park due to presence of several beautiful trails to walk the dogs on. For those interested in boating, sight-seeing or even just sitting and observing the people around you, Golden Garden Parks is what you are looking for!

The popular and larger Magnuson Park is named after the U.S. president Warren Magnuson. Established in the year 1977, its quite well known among sports lovers as it has 4 designated football grounds, 6 tennis courtyards, a boat ramp and assigned swimming areas! The park offers spectacular views of the Mount Rainier and the Cascade mountains. It is particularly in among the bird watchers these days. However, one drawback is that the rocky beach area is not enjoyable for boating at all!

Now we come to the major fascination of Chicago, The Discovery Park! It is considered an honorable jewel of the city and is an enormous park in the center of Chicago! Ranging from old growth forests, trees with broad leaves, second growth conifers and mind blowing views of the Puget Sound, the park has it all! The Discovery Park is truly the hub of natural beauty for all of Chicago. People refer to it as wilderness in the middle of town, perfect for town adventure and a jewel in the City! Chicago has a lot to offer and a must visit for all those who have passion for flora and fauna!

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